An overview of my current and past research.

Vishal P. Singh (NYU Stern)

Past Talks

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Selected Publications :

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  24. Morisi,Davide, John Jost & Vishal Singh “An Asymmetrical President in Power Effect” (American Journal of Political Science, 113, 2, p. 614-620)
  25. “Heterogeneous Price Effects of Mergers: Evidence from the Car Rental Industry” with Umut Guler, and K. Misra (2019) (forthcoming Marketing Science)

Working Papers

  1. “Choice Concentration”, with Karsten Hansen (R&R Management Science)
  2. “Does Brand Strength Moderate the Effectiveness of Counter-Marketing Techniques?” with Yanwen Wang and Mike Lewis (R&R Journal of Marketing, Special issue ‘Better Marketing for better world’)
  3. “Religiosity and Negative Word-of-mouth Behavior” with Riza Casidy & Adam Duhachek (first round, JMR)
  4. “A Sticky-Price view of Hoarding” with Christopher Hansman, Harrison Hong and Aureo De Paula
  5. “Charitable Giving: An Empirical Investigation” with Adam Duhachek
  6. “Peer Effects in Platform Adoption: Case of US High School Teachers” with Baek Jung & Masakazu Ishihara